In this episode of IMPAC’s podcast—Your Food, Your Farmer—IMPAC’s Executive Director, Danny Kushmer, interviews with Agribusiness Development Manager for the Hillsborough County Economic Development Department, Simon Bollin, to discuss economic development and veteran recruitment in agriculture today.

Simon Bollin headshot.pngCurrently working for the fourth largest populated county in Florida, Simon serves as the liaison between farmers and agribusinesses in Hillsborough County and county government on legislative and regulatory issues, and he also helps promote, develop and expand new or existing agribusiness in the county.

He also helps manage several programs (in partnership with the University of Florida, Farm Credit and Mosaic) to assist veterans with obtaining a job in agriculture, from providing education opportunities to presenting financial aid options, and more.

Listen to this Your Food, Your Farmer podcast today to hear Simon’s full perspective on these two important points in agriculture.


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