Fresh Produce Branding Secrets Revealed

by Lisa Cork CEO, Fresh Produce Marketing Ltd. People often ask me, “What’s the secret to creating a great brand?” Having created a few great brands over my career (Eat Smart®, Wild About Fruit®, Love! Kumara®, Avovita™, Born Pure™ and Winter Sweetz™ Texas grapefruit to name a few), I put it down to three things. […]

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Theo’s Chicken by Vivian Howard

(Recipe serves 4) As you might imagine, I’m a nut when it comes to what my kids eat. But despite my tyrannical efforts, forces in the universe sent Theo and Flo chicken tenders, ketchup and barbecue sauce. This recipe is my finger in the face of the universe.   Ingredients Chicken thighs, 4 skin-on Vegetable […]

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Strawberry Pretzel Salad

Jean Ann McDonald of Sweet Life Farms is the whole package. She and her husband Andy are partners at Sweet Life Farms, an IMPAC certified farm. She also serves as the payroll manager, food safety manager, all while raising three children. So, we knew we were pretty lucky when she agreed to spend the day […]

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