Why Strawberries Are About To Taste Way Better

By Chris Barbey Ph.D. Candidate, University of Florida   Flavor Sells Strawberries Consumers want sweet, fruity-tasting strawberries, yet little improvement has been made in this area. This is partly because of the immense genetic and chemical complexity of flavor. Strawberry flavor actually consists of hundreds of unique chemicals, each contributing an important musical note in the […]

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Florida Strawberry Farmers Fight Freezing Temps

Brrrr, it’s cold outside! We’ve been ringing in the New Year with record temperatures all over the U.S. and ironically, the Sunshine State. With recent snowfall reported in the Florida panhandle, Hard Freeze Warnings have prompted swift responses within the agricultural community. According to the National Weather Service, Hard Freeze Warnings state that temperatures 27 […]

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Vivian Howard: Christmas Memories on the Farm

If you farm animals, you farm all year long. It’s the type of job where you work every day and, at least for my dad, you expect everybody else to work every day. So the holidays were always interesting around the Howard house. Dad was incredibly grumpy at Christmas because he was basically forced to […]

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