• JayMar Produce

    Jay and Donna Sizemore, together with partner Dean Broughton, have been growing some of the best varieties of strawberries; Treasure, Strawberry Festival and Florida Radiance since 1997. They have become one of the largest growers in the South, providing fresh...

  • Sizemore Farms

    Brothers, John and Jeff Sizemore are fourth-generation growers and owners of Sizemore Farms. As growers and shippers of the Florida Supreme brand strawberries, they understand the importance of maintaining quality produce while battling Florida’s finicky climate. “Sub-tropical temperatures and unique...

  • Astin Farms

    Sam Astin Sr. moved to Plant City from South Georgia in the early 1920s. He had saved enough money to buy a small feed store downtown and a few acres of land. In his spare time, he began farming a...

  • Grimes Produce Co.

    Grimes Produce Company Cooling and Shipping facility is family owned and operated since 2000. The Grimes multiple farms provide strawberries, blueberries, and cantaloupes to their shipping operation. For three generations, the Grimes have been growing, packing, and shipping Florida fresh...

  • Mathis Farms

    Steve Mathis, owner and farm manager of Mathis Farms, began farming strawberries during high school and bought his first 10-acre farm in 1985. Today, Mathis Farms has more than 200 acres of strawberries and blueberries. Steve is committed to protecting...

  • Sweet Life Farms

    Andy McDonald—partner at Sweet Life Farms—has one simple mission: to grow the best produce possible as a smaller operation. A goal that some of the larger farms just can’t achieve. A third generation farmer, Andy conveys that farming and agriculture...

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If you search “farmer” on Google, you’ll get dozens of images of raggedy men in overalls, straw hats, muddy boots and a pitchfork in hand. While this is typically the image that comes to mind when we imagine a stereotypical farmer, it’s a common misconception that this is what today’s farmers look like.

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